Cash Flows, Business Budgets & Projections

Accounting & Tax Services

Cash Flows, Business Budgets & Projections

An important management tool and company’s strategy for success is a financial plan. At LBO we can work with you to prepare cash flow and budget analysis. Once implemented these analyses can be used to set up payment schedules, credit and collection policies, and inventory control, management and formulating tax policy.

Profit Improvement

We can conduct a study of your business operations and suggest ways to increase your profits. We work closely with your management team in such areas as production, marketing, personnel and management.

The end objective is to develop solutions to any problems encountered and increase your bottom line profits.

Performance Measurement

Using industry group performance statistics we can benchmark your company compared to the competition. This provides you with valuable and specific information on areas where you may need improvements.

Projections, Cash Flows and Forecasts

A function of profitability is the ability to project and forecast accurately. Once profitable, cash flow management is a necessity. Management must consider both long term & short-term implications of simple projections and complex financial modeling.