Estate Planning & Probate Administration

Accounting & Tax Services

Estate Planning & Probate Administration

The LBO team of Estate planning professionals understands that through a proper & comprehensive plan we can preserve a client hard-earned wealth.

Estate Planning

We analyze your current situation and create a program that is designed to preserve and protect your assets for future generations.

In conjunction with attorneys and other professionals we apprise you on the use of planning devices such as trusts and gifts, charities and private annuities.

Estate and Gift Taxation

Through our extensive experience and knowledge in this area of tax law and filings we work to minimize your Federal, State Estate and Gift Tax.

We keep you to date with the latest tax laws & regulations.

Probate Accounting Services

Using the latest in administrative software programs, we at LBO provide this service to attorneys, executors and administrators.

All of our reports comply with Probate Court requirements.