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Insurance Services

Life insurance is generally considered to be one of the cornerstones of a sound financial plan. It can provide for your loved ones. It can leverage and or pay estate taxes, and can be useful in business buy-sell arrangements.

Life Insurance

There are many types of policies available - whole life, term, universal life, etc. There are also many ways to own the policies - individually, through insurance trust, by relatives and business partners. Each of those policies and each of methods of ownership can have different tax ramifications. This is an area that LBO can be helpful.

Long Term Care Insurance

You have worked hard to accumulate savings for your retirement. You should use that money the way you intended not on unforeseen long-term care costs. There are many misconceptions about long-term care. The most common one is Medicare pays for it. The truth is neither medicare nor private health insurance covers long-term care expenses. We can provide guidance on various alternatives such as individual or group plans