Loan & Banking Relations Assistance

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Loan & Banking Relations Assistance

At LBO, we can create or modify a business plan to help a client attain financing. Through our relationships with the lending community we can help make introductions and facilitate banking relationships.

Financial Information

Lenders will usually require that a company provide detailed financial information as well as forecasts of future profit ability. Based on your company’s history we can develop a realistic projection.

Business Plans

Most lenders prefer that a written business plan be presented that describes the current operation and future plans. We can assist you in developing and preparing a realistic plan. This plan, which incorporates the marketing, operations, finance & management areas of the company, will service to “sell” your business to the lender.

Alternate Financing

There are non-traditional financing methods available to companies. At LBO, we can assist in financing options such as equipment and inventory financing, receivable factoring.

Bank and Commercial Financing

We are able to assist you in the appropriate method based on your financial situation and needs. We have established banking relationships with several lenders. We can help you obtain a mortgage on new or existing real estate as well as refinancing.