Pension & Profit Sharing

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Pension & Profit Sharing

At LBO we assist clients in determining their financial goals and develop a retirement plan appropriately for their needs, including the implementation and monitoring of the plan.

Plan Choices

Faced with the daunting task of selecting a type of plan, a business and an individual can look to LBO to assist in solving this problem.

We have developed the expertise and keep abreast of all tax changes and other updates. We can advise on 401k, 403b, 412i, SEPS, Simples, IRAs, Roths, etc.

IRA Planning

We subscribe to literature that allows us at LBO to be on top of all the developments in the area of IRA’s. We can advise clients on how to properly roll over IRA’s, avoid penalties on early withdrawals, compute the correct required minimum distributions for those over 70 ½ and answer questions on charitable IRA rollovers.

Plan Filings

We can work with your Pension Plan Administrator and provide all of the data required to complete any form 5500 that may be required.

Plan Implementation

Once the type of plan is chosen and implemented LBO can assist you in deciding what investment vehicle is suitable for you and or your employees.