Wealth Management Services

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Wealth Management Services

Wealth management is an integrated method of using all of the various planning concepts to help achieve your long term objectives, enjoy your hard earned money, and pass as much as possible to your heirs.

Examine Your Current Situation

Personal financial planning is the process that accesses your situation, defines your goals and outlines the steps necessary to reach them.

At LBO, we can assist you in developing your current financial position by computing your assets and liabilities. We will examine your current investments. We next determine your investment risk tolerance and your investment time frame.

Outline Goals & Implement Plans

Working with many experienced professional partners we will review all aspects of your finances. The plan that we develop will focus on cash flow, investments, retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning and insurance needs.

You will outline your goals, be it children’s education, purchase a home, retirement etc. We then set the plan to help you reach these goals.